High-quality digital products, wrapped in a modern design, and based on a strong data structure.


Work Tasks & Payroll Planner

This is an internal application that can connect between the company and its employees. Through the dashboard, the company can monitor all the work done by its employees through their gadgets. Companies can also monitor the costs that must be given to their employees.


Works Space Booking Systems

It's an online app-based booking working space for individuals and businesses. This app can also calculate of how many we can saving carbons from our work. We developed the apps for iOS and Android, and also developed the dashboard for managing booking process.


Drainage Monitoring IoT

Drainage Monitoring IoT App is a dashboard for monitoring smart sensors installed in gully drainage and soakaway. In this dashboard we can see gully location base on map, so it will make the technician easier to check the location for fixing issue or maintaining gully.


Environmental Empowerment Monitoring

Environmental Empowerment Monitoring helps organisations across the capital ensure that they are ready for anything. Environmental Empowerment Monitoring professionals with cutting edge tools and the most up-to-date information available in real time. Service to help ensure your business can survive, cope and recover from disaster.


Movie License Purchasing

This application makes it easy for users to purchase copyright licenses for allows organizations, corporations, associations, and other groups or institutions to show legally obtained motion pictures, television programs, and other audiovisual content that are originally.


Marketing Journey Planner

Marketing Journey Planner App is mobile application for business. Geolocate client base by connecting to exiting system or utilise its own simple, but powerful embedded CRM. Powerful features including : custom radius search, expenses reporting, geolocation based marketing etc.